Nerdy Book Club

Nerdy Book Club will conclude for now….but keep your eyes peeled for a new Nerdy Book club in the near future. Please look for a reconstituted version of the book club on Facebook.


6 thoughts on “Nerdy Book Club

    • Sorry for the wait on this response. We are still trying to figure out our website and all the fancy whistles and bells. We have the same hours as always: 11 to 7pm M, T, TH, F, S 11 to 8pm on Wed, and 12 to 5 on Sun.
      Again our apologies

  1. Was a lot of fun! Thanks for having such a big group in your shop. Was great to see a variety of perspectives and opinions about the book, and invited dialog regarding Feminism waves, Marston’s original concept, and PopCult icon versus comics-character. We could’ve easily spent another two hours pulling apart Diana’s origin being similar to Lost Girls and Rapunzel, the unnecessary bondage material, Hippolyta-as-evil-queen, and the absence of WW2’s paradigmatic climate.

    • Sorry for the delay in response! July is pretty much over, but we will be celebrating Dream Cruise with a team of comedians on August 19th at 8 PM. Also, we will discuss “Preacher,” Book One on August 26th, at 7 PM. Hope you can make both!

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