About us….

At last it can be told! The secret origin of… Detroit Comics! Sitting in his stately parlor one dark and foreboding evening, Brian Kelly turned to his wife Lori and exclaimed, “Comic book stores are a crowded and socially awkward lot, filled with dirty floors and fading posters. I want to create a store that is different. Something bright and inviting. Something which does not smell like a basement. This is my dream!” To which Lori responded, “Brian, have you been reading Jack Kirby books again?”

But from this noble idea sprang forth Detroit Comics: a store dedicated to making the comic-buying experience fun. The Kellys were soon aided by loyal members from the local comics community. Together, they have created a place where novices can feel comfortable next to life-long fans, where parents can pass their love of comics on to their kids, and where anyone who enjoys reading the “funny books” is welcome.

Our goal is to provide a cool, clean store with friendly and knowledgeable service. If you are tired of crappy and cluttered stores, or if you are turned off by pretentious proprietors who could not care less that you are in their shops, this is the comic book store for you. Whether you are a seasoned reader or have never read a comic in your life, we hope you will stop in and see what we are all about.

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